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Atlantic Coast is the complete restaurant builder from designing to manufacturing the restaurant equipment, we keep your kitchen safe with our hoods, ventilation, and fire suppression system, we keep your food cool with top-quality walk-ins.


We have a team of experts who can design your commercial kitchen to fit your budget and make the best use of space. We will create detailed plans and schedules for all the equipment, and we will make sure everything is custom-designed to your exact needs. We take the time to understand what you want and need, so we can create a plan that is efficient and cost-effective. We'll take care of everything from the kitchen workflow to the seating layout for your customers.

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Atlantic Coast provides equipment, fixtures, and supplies for commercial food service operations. We have a lot of choices for kitchen equipment because we make it and we work with top suppliers in the restaurant industry. We can help you decide on the best kitchen equipment for your establishment. We can also take care of everything from big equipment to food service supplies for your commercial kitchen project.

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We want to make sure installing your kitchen gear goes well. We'll help you follow local rules and work with the workers to get it done on time and with the right amount of money. We're here to help you out at every point, so your restaurant can start working really well.

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A Celebration of Culture and Culinary Innovation

Embarking on a vibrant journey into the heart of Mexican and Latin American traditions, Kalaveras is a unique fast-casual concept that encapsulates the spirit of El Dia de Los Muertos. Our mission was to create not just a restaurant but an immersive experience that marries the rich cultural heritage with a modern twist.


Commercial HVAC System

Atlantic Coast's expertise extends beyond the conventional settings to cater to all industries. In our case study for a brewery, the brewery had the need to increase the company's output, unveiling the problem of their HVAC cooling. Our team immediately stepped in to install a cutting-edge cooling tower. This strategic addition not only bolstered their existing infrastructure but also more efficiently managed heat loss. Our installation process was executed with precision, ensuring minimal disruption to their ongoing operations.

We demonstrate our commitment to versatility and innovation by address the unique requirements of this brewery. This project exemplifies our capability to tailor HVAC solutions not only meet but exceed the expectation of top-tier brewing establishments. Whether it's maintaining precise temperatures o brewing or facilitating seamless upgrades, HVAC solutions are designed to empower businesses across sectors

AC Food Trucks

AC Food Trailer Miami F1. 🏎

Finely Forged, First-Class, Fast-Paced

We received an exciting call from a returning client, presenting us with the opportunity to construct a custom food truck for the luxurious Miami F1 event in 2023. The catch? A tight two-week timeframe for preparation. Undaunted, we surmounted every challenge to ensure its timely completion. The end result? The standout truck at the event, elevating the entire experience. Proudly, AC Food Trucks was the driving force behind the creation of this exceptional project


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